Three against the Yankees

Rooting for your team is a lot more fun when they’re playing well.  After beating the Devil Rays on Saturday night, the Rockies went to 35-33 on the season, and they’ve won seven of their last eight series (and the one they didn’t win was a four-game split with the Cardinals.)  The Devil Rays series was soured a bit by a loss on Sunday in what was a very winnable game.  Scott Kazmir was all over the place, but the Rockies couldn’t really take advantage of it.  As much as I like Aaron Cook, he’s hardly an ace: In five of his last ten starts, he’s given up five or more runs.  He seems to actually pitch worse when the Rockies give him a few runs to work with.

But now, the Yankees come to town, and if there’s a team in baseball that’s hotter than the Rockies… well, it’s the Yankees.  The Yanks have won 11 of 12, they’re 13-3 in the month of June, and while they’re not exactly breathing down Boston’s neck (they’re eight games back) they’re at least making things a little more interesting in the AL East.  The Rockies are 10-5 in June, which isn’t too shabby, either, and they’re 17-7 since May 22.  Still, we’re five and a half back of the Padres, and unlike the Yankees we’ve got three teams ahead of us in the standings.  It’s conceivable that the Red Sox could go on a losing binge, but to ask the Dodgers, Padres, and Diamondbacks to all do the same is asking a lot.

Still, the recent results are highly encouraging.  I hardly think this qualifies as the biggest series of the year, though that’s certainly what the Rockies PR department would have you believe, but it’s still pretty big, perhaps bigger than that series with the Red Sox last week.  After all, we’re talking about the Yankees here.  A-Rod.  Jeter.  Clemens.  Matsui.  At the very least, the Rockies will get more than the obligatory highlight on Baseball Tonight this week, even if it’s showing A-Rod hitting a couple of bombs off Tuesday night’s starter, Josh Fogg.

In other news, our first-round pick Casey Weathers signed today.  Weathers could be in the majors as early as September.


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