So we get a win

As high as my hopes were coming into the season, I would have been really disappointed if we had started out the season by losing our first series at home against the Diamondbacks.  The good news is that we still have a chance to take the series.  The bad news is that our hopes of doing that rest on the shoulders of Rodrigo Lopez.

LaTroy Hawkins made up for yesterday a bit by pitching a scoreless eighth tonight.  But Manny Corpas did him one better by pitching a perfect seventh, including two strikeouts.  Brian Fuentes and Ramon Ramirez also did their jobs.  BK Kim didn’t, getting the first two outs in the eleventh inning before letting the next three batters reach base.  But, hey, he got the win.  (Shows just how much you have to do to get a win out of the bullpen.)

Troy Tulowitzki came through in the bottom of the 11th to tie things up, then scored when Snakes third baseman Alberto Callaspo muffed a grounder off the bat of Chris Iannetta.  I’m not going to knight Iannetta for that one, since, you know, I kind of doubt he would have beaten it out.  But a win’s a win.

Can the Rockies do better than this?  Well, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that Garrett Atkins isn’t going to hit .100 for the entire season.  Most of the team has had a couple of off days, so for us to come out of there with a record of 1-1 is a good thing.  Unless the bats just never wake up, this could be a good season.

Kudos also to Jeff Francis for working out of more than a few jams and keeping the team in the ballgame.

We got a little luck, but hey, a win’s a win.  Let’s win another one tomorrow.


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