It’s bad.

Just a week after I perhaps prematurely gave up on the Rockies season… yeah, it’s time to give up on the Rockies’ season.  A five-game losing streak has the Rockies sitting at 59-67, last place in the NL West, 6.5 games behind the Dodgers, and 6.5 games behind the Reds for the wild card.  Certainly, six and a half games in the standings can be made up in just over a month.  It’s the sheer number of teams that the Rockies trail that is the problem.  Of course, being in last place, four teams are ahead of the Rockies in the West.  And in the Wild Card race, only three teams — the Nationals, Cubs, and Pirates — trail the Rockies.

Might as well just mail it in the rest of the season and get a high draft pick, right?  As of right now, the Rockies would have the ninth overall pick in the draft, tied for the ninth-worst record in the majors with the Braves (funny to see them down there, isn’t it?)  It’s also funny to see the Rockies suddenly looking that bad, what with the way they have played over their heads all season.

Of course, with rosters expanding in a week, expect some young guys to get a callup and play some in the final month of the season, to see what we’ve got for next year.  Twelve players currently not on the active roster are on the 40-man roster; of those, Mike DeJean and Jayson Nix are done for the season and won’t be up in September, and Chin-hui Tsao, while on the road back, probably won’t be back this season either.  The four remaining position players — JD Closser, Omar Quintanilla, Jeff Baker, and Jeff Salazar — are almost certain to be called up, and in Salazar’s case it would be his major league debut.  Might as well see if he can play center for the Rockies, since the other options probably can’t, either due to lack of hitting (Sullivan, Freeman) or lack of defense (Spilborghs.)

With the pitchers, the only real certainty is David Cortes, but I think Miguel Asencio and Denny Bautista, who have also been in the bigs before, will be up as well.  Juan Morillo, who’s still having control problems at Tulsa, probably won’t be up.  That leaves the big question mark, Ubaldo Jimenez.  Among the Rockies’ top young arms, he’s the closest to being major league ready — but he may not be there yet.  Other top arms such as Morillo and Morales aren’t MLB-ready yet.


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